A Bit About Me

Hi, I Am Mehak Khattar , a lifestyle management consultant and experienced nutritionist, provides comprehensive plans based on diet and lifestyle disorders. My programmes and diet plans are based on my lifelong quest to discover simple ways to maintain health and wellness naturally. As a lifestyle management consultant, I've induced the relationship between healthy eating habits and their impact. I have worked in leading hospitals (Fortis Healthcare), institutions, and educational societies to expand my knowledge and serve more people. My private consultations provide holistic diet plans to aid in anti-ageing and healing. As the Best Dietician in Delhi, I have attended numerous workshops on the most recent issues, such as PCOS, COVID recovery, sports nutrition, and blood group diets.

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Mehak Khattar


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We assure you many health benefits, including complete guidance to your lifestyle plan that is supposed to be based on your everyday life and diet. We provide you with the means to maintain your health rather naturally.

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